Newborn Portraits for Baby O in Lodi, WI!

Welcome to the world sweet newborn baby O!  Just nine days old and his parents brought him to our 85 degree studio.  (Don’t worry, it’s only that warm for newborn portrait sessions…and newborns photograph best when they are ten days new or newer.  Newborns older than ten days still photograph lovely too, just expect them to be less sleepy and less likely to curl up).  This kiddo has his parents and brother wrapped around his finger already!  He has a wonderful, laid back, happy-go-lucky personality and the sweetest smile ever!  Big brother C is already a super big brother and seems to love his new role.  They are going to be best friends.  We’re so happy for you Nick and Tammy!   Thanks for choosing our studio to preserve these sweet and fleeting moments.

Newborn on a Football

Newborn Lodi, WI

037Leis Owen - Newborn - Matte

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